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This era had most people spent their lives striving in dusty, hot and busy city. Chasing dreams and positions. Taking a break could be fun. Peaceful and serene atmosphere almost absolutely can lift off all the burden and take you in a moment of relaxing and tranquility.  Country and village scenery can help of giving people peace of mind. Homestay is a great choice of place to spent holiday and get away from city dusty air.  This is not only and opportunity for local people to feel nostalgic but also for foreigners to experience unique traditional lifestyle of Malaysians.

A great choice of homestay would be Pelegong Homestay in Labu district of Negeri Sembilan. This is due to the activities that are being offered in the homestay is hand on concept. They let people to exprience themselves the activities that usually done in a village.

They will teach visitors how to play "Caklempong". This is a type of Negeri Sembilan's traditional music instrument. It is a rare opportunity to play this music instrument nowadays as not much people had been playing it. Not only that, they will also let the visitors do their own crafts. Visitors are shown to make arts using rattan. Activities of doing crafts using rattan is also a rare chance even to the locals.

People that love nature and hiking will be given the chance of exploring the jungle and woods. They will be enjoying the beauty of tropical forest.  Visitors will also be taken to rubber estates to be given the chance to do rubber tapping.

Guests of Pelegong Homestay will be experiencing "Minangkabau" traditional wedding ceremony. The bride and groom will be chosen from the crowd of tourists. Chosen couple will be dressed in "Minangkabau" traditional wedding attire. As such shown in the picture below.

All in all, if it is serene, peaceful and tranquility atmosphere that you are searching for, Pelegong homestay will be a perfect place to spend the holiday. Not only that rare opportunities of learning traditional things can also be experienced with Pelegong hospitality.  

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