Monday, October 15, 2012

Homestay Sega

Activities during our stay at homestay is the most essential things that we will be going to enjoy the most. Homestay Sega is a newly established homestay and rising its reputation among tourists and travellers. Village Sega was turned into a homestay on 28th April 2012, which looked promising to bring happiness and give their visitors an experience they will forever cherish. It was launched by Dato’ Seri Utama Haji Mohamad Bin Haji Hasan, Prime Minister of Negeri Sembilan.

Prime Minister and the Villagers

The main focus of this homestay is to expose to their guests, the beauty of the village, show how they practice cleanliness as their culture, give people the experience in making traditional products.

These are the activities prepared for visitors:
1. Ceremony of drinking coconut straight from its shell.
2. Baking or making traditional snacks.
3. Teach visitors how to make the famous traditional food; roti canai.
4. Demonstrating ways of rubber taping.
5. Farming activities

There are a lot of activities can be experienced by staying at this homestay besides enjoying the beauty of the serene environment Sega Homestay has to offer. 

The House
 Writer's Note: As to the reason Sega Homestay is newly and recently opened and established there are not many photos can be searched and shown.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Avillion Port Dickson

Avillion Dashing View

This is an opportunity of once in a life time offered by Avillion in Port Dickson. Confuse in what is Avillion which situated in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan? Well, first and foremost, it has the most beautiful sight for eyes to harbour on. It is a hotel built to fulfill your needs of relaxation, peace and luxury. According to the fact card available in its website;, it was design with the architecture of old world Malay fishing village in mind. Needless to say more, seeing is believing, it is the most beautiful and serene Malay fishing village ever existed. It lets guests to feel traditional but in a contemporary way. As to save it as viewer's own experience, this humble writer will leave this description right here.

As for the opportunity once in a lifetime previously mentioned, Avillion Resort has put up a lucky draw contest for their guests. This is to celebrate once in a century Avillion 12.12.12 campaign.

These are the steps to winning grand prizes from Avillion Resort:

1. Stay with any Avillion Hotels from 12.10.12 to 12.12.12
2. Lucky draw will be done daily
3. Winner will be notified in the rooms
4. Follow instruction to collect prizes
5. Upon collection of prizes, daily winners are automatically in the final draw
6. Follow us on Facebook ( for updates on the campaign
7. Final draw of Grand Prizes on 12.12.12
8. Check our Facebook for list of Grand Prize winners

These are the scenery that you got to enjoy upon your stay there:

Relaxation Mode

Get going and good luck.

Traditional and Fun

This era had most people spent their lives striving in dusty, hot and busy city. Chasing dreams and positions. Taking a break could be fun. Peaceful and serene atmosphere almost absolutely can lift off all the burden and take you in a moment of relaxing and tranquility.  Country and village scenery can help of giving people peace of mind. Homestay is a great choice of place to spent holiday and get away from city dusty air.  This is not only and opportunity for local people to feel nostalgic but also for foreigners to experience unique traditional lifestyle of Malaysians.

A great choice of homestay would be Pelegong Homestay in Labu district of Negeri Sembilan. This is due to the activities that are being offered in the homestay is hand on concept. They let people to exprience themselves the activities that usually done in a village.

They will teach visitors how to play "Caklempong". This is a type of Negeri Sembilan's traditional music instrument. It is a rare opportunity to play this music instrument nowadays as not much people had been playing it. Not only that, they will also let the visitors do their own crafts. Visitors are shown to make arts using rattan. Activities of doing crafts using rattan is also a rare chance even to the locals.

People that love nature and hiking will be given the chance of exploring the jungle and woods. They will be enjoying the beauty of tropical forest.  Visitors will also be taken to rubber estates to be given the chance to do rubber tapping.

Guests of Pelegong Homestay will be experiencing "Minangkabau" traditional wedding ceremony. The bride and groom will be chosen from the crowd of tourists. Chosen couple will be dressed in "Minangkabau" traditional wedding attire. As such shown in the picture below.

Here is a video showing the wedding ceremony:

All in all, if it is serene, peaceful and tranquility atmosphere that you are searching for, Pelegong homestay will be a perfect place to spend the holiday. Not only that rare opportunities of learning traditional things can also be experienced with Pelegong hospitality.  

Hotels. How did they start?

According to Jacques Levy-Bonvin. Hotel services had been started since the very early age of earth. The Greeks had began building thermal baths in villages for travellers. Romans had develop the services by building mansions and providing thermal baths for government business.

However, for hotels in Malaysia, they started to establish since the British colonialism. Accommodations such hotels are provided since there are trading-posts across Malaya. They are built for merchants, missionaries, mercenaries and travellers' convenience in doing their business in the particular country.

Onwards, more hotels are built for the convenient of the travellers. Year by year the hotels develop, providing a lot of facilities to attract more travellers or tourists to stay at their hotels. In a nutshell hotels first built for the intention of providing a place to stay for adventurers or simply businessmen.

Origin of Homestay

Tourism contributed a big income for Malaysia economy for many years. Home stays is one of Malaysia’s effort in developing and promoting its tourism product. This is where Malaysia is at advantage. Having diversities of cultures, this country is at its advantage to attract more tourists.

Home stay is one of its ways to introduce to travellers of Malaysian’s variety of culture.
Home stay programme will let visitors to feel and experience Malaysian’s unique way of living. Play traditional games. Eat foods that never reached their taste buds before. Experience farm work and many more.  Not only that, some home stays perform Silat (martial arts) when celebrating the arrival of their guests.

 Home stay does not only attract foreigners, but also the locals to come and have their vacation spent there. Nowadays people are rarely experiencing the unique traditional lifestyle as many of Malaysians spent their days working and living in busy cities. It is an opportunity for them to live back in a peaceful ‘kampung’ way.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Creating Chances

A lot of people have been visiting several of places om this earth in their holidays or even for work purposes.  The main thing to be taken care of when travelling is of course, places to stay for the night or even for leisure purposes when roaming around the country has made vacationer’s body feel sore. Hence, the purpose of making this blog is clear as people needed to know about the places that they want to spend the rest of their holiday at. It is also to promote interesting homestays to foreigners that interested in visiting Malaysia. Not only that, hotels are being suggested or told of their advantages to foreigners that are interested to stay in a place like home. As a conclusion this blog is created to let people or travelers about interesting places to stay.