Monday, October 15, 2012

Homestay Sega

Activities during our stay at homestay is the most essential things that we will be going to enjoy the most. Homestay Sega is a newly established homestay and rising its reputation among tourists and travellers. Village Sega was turned into a homestay on 28th April 2012, which looked promising to bring happiness and give their visitors an experience they will forever cherish. It was launched by Dato’ Seri Utama Haji Mohamad Bin Haji Hasan, Prime Minister of Negeri Sembilan.

Prime Minister and the Villagers

The main focus of this homestay is to expose to their guests, the beauty of the village, show how they practice cleanliness as their culture, give people the experience in making traditional products.

These are the activities prepared for visitors:
1. Ceremony of drinking coconut straight from its shell.
2. Baking or making traditional snacks.
3. Teach visitors how to make the famous traditional food; roti canai.
4. Demonstrating ways of rubber taping.
5. Farming activities

There are a lot of activities can be experienced by staying at this homestay besides enjoying the beauty of the serene environment Sega Homestay has to offer. 

The House
 Writer's Note: As to the reason Sega Homestay is newly and recently opened and established there are not many photos can be searched and shown.

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